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behind the posts

I have always wanted a place to share my life experiences with the rest of the world. A place that was more than just photos, professional accomplishments, athletic accolades and such. I certainly am not saying that my life is anything special or that my experiences are better or worse than anyone else’s. This is most definitely, not the case. They are however, unique to me. 

If I can change just one person’s life by the words I have written, then that will be enough for me. There were words on paper or on the screen of my computer that once helped me through something. Whether it was changing careers, surviving a traumatic experience, experiencing grief or going through a breakup. 

I am not a licensed mental health professional. I will not advise anyone to do anything. This is simply a space for shared experiences and what I did to help me get through something hard. In the wise words of the fabulous Glennon Doyle, “we can do hard things.”

Let your sun shine! 


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